We had a great experience with Sal and his team. They were here on time everyday with smiles on their faces, even when they were down in my gross crawl space. It was extremely wet before and now, even in this persistent rainy weather, the crawl space is dry enough to store stuff. Big thanks to Sal and his team.

Danielle Kroll

My experience with your company is 5 stars and beyond. I was very impressed with your website and testimonials which was what prompted me to contact you. First, it was you who came to my home to asses my situation and give me your professional solution to my problem. Second, you along with your team came to my home to do the work. Once you began the project you came up with more logical and ingenious ways to combat and deal with the problem which impressed me. Your many years of providing this service from laborer to owner truly shine. Your team was courteous and extremely hard working and focused. They took extra care to make sure both my landscaping and interior were left better than when they arrived. I would use their services again and highly recommend anyone considering this outfit that your home is in good hands. I can now feel confident about being away from my home knowing it is secure from the fine job done. Thank you Sal & Team.

Garth Green

Alice Ross

Sal and his crew replaced a deteriorated concrete garage floor in our raised ranch and installed a drain in the driveway directly in front of the north facing garage doors. The garage regularly flooded in spring nor'easter storms like those we have had recently. However, as a result of Sal's work, the garage has remained perfectly dry with no signs of moisture. After two bad winters, the drain continues to work flawlessly (in spite of a very slight sloping grade) and the garage floor remains solid as “the rock of Gibraltar”. If you want a high-quality job, Sal's your guy.

Ange Rapa

It is with great enthusiasm that we take this opportunity to highly recommend Sal’s Basement Waterproofing. Prior to the work done by Sal and his competent, courteous crew, our basement would take in up to four inches of water across its entire span during heavy rainstorms. The water was coming in from several locations including along the foundation wall and from an unused four inch drain line that once emptied our washing machine into a dry well. Sal came out and gave us an accurate estimate and assessment of what needed to be done. He took the time to explain his proposed solution and how much it would cost.
He and his crew arrived on time and completed the job efficiently in the time frame he said it would take to do. Subsequently, another really heavy rain caused the basement window wells to fill up with water since our home sits at the bottom of an open slope.
The basement took in water as a result but Sal’s work held up. His crew returned and corrected that issue as well by creating drainage into a french well that runs alongside the north of the house.
In addition to always being on hand with his crew, Sal shows great ingenuity in solving problems related to water incursion.